The 1990s through the early aughts are from a totally different era and time. Thankfully, we have and are transforming things for the better, and articles like this do help frame the picture on the growth a few of us in the modern society have achieved.

But sadly not everyone has done the work to grow.

Our society through literary works even show this, one can refer to "Death of a Salesman" to see a similar story being shown, just with different elements.

Even as broken as I was (and will always be since I actively have to work on the deprogramming every day in our society), I always "knew" somethings were right.

I was somewhat popular in college and had lots of friends and actions. I saw "a lot" of not pleasant things that happened in heterosexual circles, but I never partook in that madness. Guys would ask, and I would politely pass and go grab some weed or drank, and found a solo woman and had my happy (consensually mind you).

I even look at my assault with a silver lining as the gift I was given from the rape was it made me so very much appreciate the curse women deal with and all of the nasty twists and turns in their lives which damage you for life. IT also made me appreciate high quality partners who were smart and independent and could stand alone.

Just like this woman.

If given the choice between the two, I know which one I would have chosen then and now, and she is right I am 100% sure the intimacy probably was awful and the relationship shallow.

Great Article ... and fascinating read ... much appreciated.

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