The answer is yes. I have shared due to trauma for all but the last two years, I could never orgasm by hand or oral. This toy helped me over the bridge conquering the abuse I dealt with from a female babysitter who "trained" me not to orgasm that way.

I cried when I did it which was odd because I had hard core porn up and here I was blubbering like a baby.

If there was an artist the juxtaposition would have made a great artwork.

Why the tears?

I am a circumsized male, who only came from penetration and prone masturbation prior. It was of benefit in the beginning, because while guys were blowing their loads, I could make my partner orgasm multiple times. The long term problem is women believed I didn't desire them because it was harder to "orgasm" and if the women loved to give oral

Fucking game over because obviously I didn't love them, which put me in a level of hell I don't wish on anyone. So picture a man having her pleased first, going as long as needed, oral is loved, and then being told I didn't find her attractive.

I very much agree with the use of toys, and in fact using toys for much more (vibrating plugs too). So while the toy is whirring away ..... missionary has extra spice.

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