The author is 100% correct (and I agree with what she states)

Additional Commentary:

Mother Nature is also telling us something about where we live also. A lot of west coast states are unsustainable based upon water needs.

These areas have had decades to build the renewable and nuclear based power to ensure they were self sufficient, and desalination plants to ensure the populations have water.

What was done? Nothing. E.g. PG&E stated they needed $20 billion to bury the power lines in California. These lines are necessary to transport power into the state. A state that uses 47,000 MW and has to import 20-30%. Folks like this picked on Texas, who consumes 67,000 MW, and next year will have nearly 105,000 MW of power generation. Also, they have built two man-made lakes to ensure people have water to drink with a third being planned to support the growing communities of Plano and Frisco. California's last man-made lake was in the 1970s.

As a point note, in 2011 a plan to build dual transmission lines from Wind farms in Texas was started in completed ... billions of dollars to make it happen.

Queue up 2021 a repeat of 2020 for these areas with wild fires. Yet today in the media, where are the pounding of the pavement in the media about this maelstrom? The level of "heat" is down. Why? One might say political swings.

If folks desire to live a rugged individualism life, that means you have to build all the necessities to stand alone. This costs $$$, and if one steps back when it comes down to it, when that check comes they are all named "skip".

People have shown they only care about themselves and then they will say "f*ck" the rest. From free-trade nastiness where all of red and rural america got outsourced to Asia (common comments were to just move and deal), to systemic racism being ignored, to the plight of women, and climate issues.

Pick your holy alter and watch people bow to their own personal golden calfs.

Love thy neighbor and take care of one another no matter the cost.

But you know ... my beliefs are more important ... you know

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