The bigger concern is with a political polarity flipped, then more men will desire to release their traumas and empower it using victim and minority status.

Given men by action act powerless and have lost confidence in their positive masculinity and conversely feel lost in society. There is no firewall for women and society that the patriarchy provided through chain of command and hierarchy.

Patriarchy is akin to a barn, and the raw negative emotions, fears and anger is like a herd of horses trapped in that barn. Now the doors have been removed and the walls are being dismantled and now the horses will run hard and awfully free.

Sexism is a problem of our time along with race and other issues. The hard part is the only way it gets fixed is through making white men care about society again.

How do you get someone to care when they don't care for it or themselves?

If I were a parent I would be scared AF, because what we say in New Jersey I only expected after an election with Trump gone, and now we are seeing it now.

The reality is even your excellent writing will never be seen by the range of men it would need to be to have it's full effect, since you live in an echo chamber made of glass with you have super powers in seeing into other boxes of glass at the horrors and screams of pain everywhere.

Should we give up? No. I know I don't, but one has to realize how deep and dark the despair is in men, because after the 1918 pandemic suicides went up 30% (off of memory), and with the vast majority of those being men .... the line between suicide and homicide is wickedly thin.

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