The conflict started in 1992, slowly expanded but was masked in 2001, and then walked the Bataan death march starting in 2005 onwards.

It was the ship of health care named ACA, called Obamacare, but ended up being The Sumter health battle bill.

See, it was at that moment the reproductive rights was bonded to health care rights and intertwined.

The war began when the bill was signed, and the sad reality is no one was aware of it.

The slow marching to the white house from areas unknown began.

Then in 2017 and if a win occurs in 2020, I have no doubt if the Blue wins there will be three cheers, but then given America's inability to truly be empathic or sympathetic, the raised earth policy will begin.

The thing is when this happens, we will collapse and the enemies from foreign lands will laugh and enjoy the fruits of our land without having to fire a shot.

Why? The Japanese stated they never wanted to invade America in WWII. To many weapons, to much pain and 200 divisions of troops to attach and initially hold the land for what?

Russia is smart, because it has torn itself apart soo many times. They know the best thing they can do is force people to label one another, and then turn the guns from one another on each other.

It is simple really, men are the most vulnerable adults in our society. Threaten their manhood, rile them up, make them deaf, dumb, and blind, and then take it all away. Watch them go do suicide by homicide.

Then those that aren't that nuclear, will use words like atomic weapons, and then purposely state. Let them eat Wedding Cake, for I will starve them of economic opportunity.

Wait until one sees that the red and rural areas stop caring about wanting to feed blue and urban. Think of what would happen if those transformers go down and the repairs are starved due to economic blight. People will point at each other with hideous bias but cheer as the statues which hold no meaning topple all around them. Then hackers will go in and toss the apple cart and cause a 3rd world Jericho situation.

Me personally I fight for the light and I am a liberal republican. I guessed this day was coming from reading the tea leaves, but guess what.

I saw this happen in my home town of Cleveland. I had history lessons made of decades. I watched the Midwest burn with laughter of being fly over country. I watched the hate broil up, to the point where enjoying a steak and a beer in a bar in the middle of Indiana. KKK members tried to recruit me. I said no thanks. They found out my heritage was German based, and holy hell they offered their blonde daughter. I said no, and never went back to that place.

I decided on Texas. The land where people have a true identity and belief in all things Texas. We can't stand for a flag or respect a knee. We fight over the stupid when the science is simple.

I am a software architect, a science based person, have a horse farm, love God, but respect science, love my friends and family, am a feminist, love women with all my heart, and want those that are BIPOC to be equal to me and if they need help, I raise my privilege glass and feed them the cool waters of what I have access too.

The only way we win is through empathy, sympathy, vulnerability, equality, consent and most importantly love.

Everything else mocking and laughter, leads to death.

Pick a side, and even if it is the wrong one, one can respect it. The worst thing one can do is to do nothing at all, which 51% of Americans do "every" election.

2020 is the karmic bill for the apathetics, because through statistics and the electoral college which is the law of the land. It allows a 22-23% majority to rule as as super majority.

Those that can't see it have provided the fatal flaw to our founders design. They assumed people would desire and keep and be educated.

But nope .. they prefer the Hunger Games Idocracy edition because 8 second attentions spans and their logic and intelligence is powered by google search bars makes them kings and queens of the toxic landscape of Traumabook in America.




Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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Alan Tegel

Alan Tegel

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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