The core issue of labor is we have allowed corporations to outsource it at 3rd world incomes. Anyone that applauded free trade over the past few decades, this moment is for you.

It is extremely expensive to manage and maintain production lines and we outsourced it all. TI is building a new chip fab for $30 billion. Where do you think that will come from? Goods.

$1 chips for cars now are in the $100 range and so cars sit unbuilt. The TI plant I talk to will build that, so you are right their is a greed aspect and it was due to America going punch drunk on cheap Chinese goods.

Now we need to raise incomes, and guess what renewables increase power costs 2-4x and health care? Get ready for the big increases as the 1970s are back.

Picture the NE this winter ... Just wait and see what happens to heating costs. Thankfully I am in Texas but other places ... They will learn the Tru cost for $299 TVS ...

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