The core strength of feminists? Words and depth of discussion on gender.

Thilles heal of feminists? The depth is too deep for most of the uneducated, and as such they get labeled as an elitest and ivory tower person.

If we step back from gender and associate the grouping of people and ideals to something a common person maybe interested in, which is sex and a monogamous relationship.

equality and gender would be akin to one partner coming in with a strong desire for a certain sexual practice. This person would have spent tens of thousands of hours researching, loving it, wanting to live in it and engage in it.

Now release that depth on the inexperienced or uneducated partner even at a fast drip.

They become overwhelmed and the every topic needs to be distilled down to the most simple of things. What makes it worse? The more passionate the person is on a topic, (using the same levels) it will come across as a fetish or deviant behavior to a core belief or bias. Even if the person will really like it, embrace it and desire it.

My examples from a male POV would be:

Toxic Masculinity = conversation ender

Toxic Culture of Masculinity = conversation starter

Equal Pay = conversation ender

Equal pay based on experience and talent = conversation starter

One topic that labels men that feminism misses out on big time.

Selective Service

Did you know if a boy doesn't not sign up at 18 for the Selective Service within 30 days he is a felon?

We do need unity. I am a feminist, and I know a weakness of mine is I go to deep with details and it can be a turn off.

The thing is ... society has already labeled me as a white male as a "mansplainer" ...

But for me, if someone asks me as an ally and a feminist?

Why are you a feminist?

I tell them I believe in equality for all sexes and gender. In the past, I would consider myself as a humanist, a person that loves people

I don't have kids, but the one thing I very much love dearly is women. So Feminisim is ensuring the highest quality women are available to society, which means women are safe and liberated and free.

The only question now is when that is achieved, will women then look at the dark deep hole on the male side of the gender and realize that now even harder work has to be done to raise the bar and help men on the equality front.

The reality is in that deep dark hole, how does one go down the hole to deal with the demons in the dark to free men like women freed women from the pre-suffarage movement to now.

A lot of women will walk away (you see that now), because they will assume men will need "to man up". What is ironic is the only time that women who fit that bill "come forward" is when they have a baby boy and they watch as the tentacles of society drag him into that dark hole.

Then people start to care ...

Great article!

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