The goal IMO as you own your feelings 110%. Is that you move from the need, to want, to desire to have.

As a guy, I know the gift I have to give is that pure masculinity desire that women want. That full energy and spirit, that femininity knows is the missing puzzle piece.

Women nurture life within them and as a man that is intoxicating to me (and other men). The fact that your body can build a life and sustain it and whether we know it or not the standards we have forced into us whether biological (which can be 100% respectful and consentful) or society (which can be toxic) have honed us to look and desire certain types of women.

Authentic men and real men who have honed their desire know, that those markers are just that. All women have this in them, the key is to reprogram this nature.

Women do the same thing with testing of me and looking for certain physical and nurturing and providing support too. It is a dance as old as time.

Feminisim influences the mating and dating aspects and is meant to ensure both women and men treat each other equally and respectfull and most importantly with consent.

That also means when women get power and access, it also means they can be toxic too. The question is whether they do so. I had a comment conversation with a Gen Z person who stated he is tired of entitled women. I told him, he can lift himself up like women have done and be stronger and more desirable, or he can just live with low quality partners.

But all in all, you are worthy of male desire of high quality, and to get male validation through consent, communication and respect "is" 100% ok. But never look for validation from the male unknown.

Take the time to love yourself and reduce the thirst you are feeling. It is well documented on the thirst angle for men, but women have it too. Self love, enjoy fantasies, and satisfy it on your terms. But when it comes to real men IRL, watch that the fantasy doesn't drift into the reality.

Good luck, I wish you the very best. Be strong, be independent and be you. If you do ... men of quality will follow, and remember the high quality men are not the toxic shouters you see, look for the quiet ones ...

On the flip side which is ironic … I wrote a poem about how hard it is to try to ensure my desire doesn’t run amuck that was released today.

Desire Vulnerability. A share to those that read my poetry | by Alan Tegel | iPoetry | Nov, 2021 | Medium

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