The hardest thing is when the doors all the way through to one another's souls are opened for a brief moment, and the red string and silver strings join up and jolt each other.

Then a dark presence right after the first initial taste comes by with scissors and kicks the doors down hard.

The loss of disconnect is so much and so terrible it is horrible.

I know of the walls and doors and locks and moats I had to protect myself from those that loved me in my past because the glass boy was destroyed and the flame was hot and flickering without protection.

May that person if it is like my path, learn from your tears how to rebuild the boy, knock the walls down and open up the doors.

In my journey now, I have one door, a pandora's box, and a wall holding back the dark abyss.

There are two warriors female and male that are tough as nails to deal with those that aim to hurt.

My glass boy is now gorilla glass, warm to touch, very responsive and will all the quick spark of love.

May your never lover rebuild in the way I did, for when / if the time passes and you meet again just a sliver of you showing to him will return back to you what was stolen 1000 fold.

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