The impact happens in different ways. If you take a man who has great heart intent but was educated in a highly traditional way. It breaks the ability to couple and bond at layers and levels of the heart, mind, and soul.

It is multi-factor (IMO) because as a guy you have the shame of not being "man enough" (we all know that is stupid but it is still there like fear for women), and there is the extra cliff in shutting down when hard emotions happen (vulnerability),.

Nothing kills desire and intimacy in heterosexual relationships like a lack of real confidence. Assault on guys gives them the gift of understanding the hells women deal with, but no tools and limits their ability to truly connect.

That being said if I divorce or she passes and I am single, I am no fuck boy. That doesn't mean I am highly sexual, highly inventive, and am very very open ... just one must be "this" tall to ride my ride.

As for the desire to date and mate (women > men), it is a premise for my statement.

No No No, women are far hornier then men because they actually mate with someone that might kill them.

Now for the collective of men, how do we make it so those that are truly socially awkward don't get labeled as the creeps? See something, say something (when it comes to toxic behavior of men towards women).

Now the hard part for men as we age is the ones with the clue and experience usually have limited to small pools of other men as friends.

This is a broad based assumption I think women may not see or appreciate about the groups of men in life. Folks do talk to boy's clubs, but in reality they only exist for the 1% of America ... IMO.

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