The interesting thing for me about the whole sad "shit show" sandwich, was the fact that the article was pulled by her.

If you are that proud to step up and provide the labeling, then own it and leave it up You can edited it and put a disclaimer at the top of the article apologizing and what not, but own the failure.

I am an American, however, I had a college roommate from "Leningrad" (this was early 90s). So I understand the area from his eyes, where he told me how he had to be in the Russian Mafia to survive and oh boy the drink and smoking we would do "epic".

So what maybe foreign to someone from America is quite the norm for Russia, and it was always funny because folks from the Ukraine or Estonia or Russia would be hired on as contractors. I would stay with them for the weekend to help out in the Bay Area.

They would pride themselves on drinking and "assumed" kind of like the anti-hero in this article a lot of things.

Until I would bring out a thimble and say lets play bitches. I got cold cuts, bread and multiple bottles of vodka.

Near the end of the night they stated you are not from California are you .. nope.

So, if one attempts to the addict angle, one needs to understand the identity and environment "and" age of the person. Using labels? Not a good way to help a person with addiction or therapy.

An inability to read the room? Boy oh Boy, I have met therapists like that given my issues and I ran the other way.

So I see so many failures on so many levels, but the icing on the sexist cake ... slut -shaming.

But then again, I couldn't read about it because the person couldn't own up to leaving it up.

I know I attempted to find out more, and well lets say that went well. My only hope is a lesson was learned by the anti-heroine, that people need to help one another. Reach out if you are concerned in DM/email, but if no response happens. Then let it be.

To write about it and do so poorly? Well, that is just asking for it, and at this point ... be fearless in your response.

I lost track of how many benders I had, and the one positive thing I will say about my current damaged relationship was this.

My friends got me a College Football jersey with my name upon leaving. My partying and things were epically well known, and one of the things one guy stated.

He was glad to see me settle down a bit, and move on. Why? They all had bets one when I would collapse from the drinking and drugs. I asked what was his bet. He laughed and said you stupid science nerd fiction stuff .... 42

Good response Julia.

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