The key as I have found is after consent is done "and" after two people have spent time getting to know each other where their is a repeated pattern and communication, where a woman states.

Honey, I would love it if sometime when you feel the urge to come take me when you desire me, and these are some things I really like when you do that.

I believe if this became the norm and women felt safe, guys would learn really fast that women are extremely interested in sex and want it a lot.

Then the super stud would be that guy that a woman sees at a bar talking happily with another woman who looks interested in him and wants to engage.

As for the "sex" appeal, I realize I got to observe this when I was in college. I had a friend who transferred to Purdue. We were buddies, and I crashed at his place a few times and even visited his family in South Bend. I met his sister who was going to Notre Dame who was beyond interested, but I had a policy of not messing with close friends family unless they were dicks (he was not).

We go to a bar where a recruiter wanted to take him out since he was their #1 candidate, and he was like you have to meet this guy he is shit hot with tech and a good accountant and one helluva a guy.

A friend I hadn't seen in 3 years (she was a very beautiful woman who dated the "men of Purdue" of calendar, was surrounded by really attractive guys.

I nudge my friend and stated remember my close friend I told you about (we never had sex he knew), there she is. His jaw dropped and said no way and that made the recruiters all look.

I stood up and waved at my friend and walked away from the table and she bolted and jumped in the air and I caught as friends.

I had a job offer that Monday from the company.

Sure my skills were top notch, but ... well there you go ... I always wondered what happened to her as we lost contact (which sucked).

So now my view is to try to empower and make safe in a non-dominating way the way for women. I think guys might realize that ther are some wondeful benefits if you stand up and help.



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Alan Tegel

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.