The key thing IMO is he honestly came to you and told you on his accord. Does it make it right? No.

As you called out in reality, you were just really roommates with maybe possible benefits. Married by bills and rent, but not at the heart.

My suggestion (fwiw) is you should mark the day of his honest and some day in the future as your real anniversary because prior to that there was no real relationship. It should only happen once you feel safe and secure in both his honesty and loyalty, and he would need to understand that not sharing his heart and sexual needs and feelings is the same as cheating.

IMO with the honesty and forgiveness you have given him as a gift, he also needs to make sure that your needs are always put first. If he is not able to take care of your sexual or material needs, you are also free (as long as you share with consent and communication) to do as you please as a free woman.

He has to earn that trust back, and that will take time.

You are an amazing person to have such forgiveness in your heart. Also remember because of this act, you are also a person that can do the rare thing …. be a partner that can truly support unconditional love.

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