The more equal the partnership usually on average means a more similar view on red lines and decisions in life. Those that take the risk and chance to be with someone different, may have a vastly negative or a hugely positive view on a relationship. I love math so let me work this out.

If two people are 80% similar, the best a relationship will ever bye is “2.4” or 40% increase in relationship potential ( [0.8] + 0.2 + [0.8] + 0.2). Now if two people are 20% similar think a Republican husband and democrat wife, it becomes a “3.6” or 160% in potential. It can also be “0.8”.

People will say I want to be safe and happy and I am happy with the 40% bump not realizing just the knowledge over your life time of something greater will make you feel less then whole. So if the relationship dies and one person checks out … all that is left is maybe a 0.8 or a 0.

Enter cheating to fill the void.

What women don’t realize in having the full freedom (until the failure and loss and rejection), is that compartmentalization is “toxic” masculinity. A sweet taste of success like anti-freeze tastes for those that commit suicide by it.

Men will never fulfill all the needs a woman has because they do not have the tools or community that women have had for centuries due to fighting against oppression. Once that vail is lifted, they still have the tools, and when the power switches, they water down the rejection and hurt that men now feel because “it wasn’t as bad”. This prevents real growth and acceptance, and instead of women lending men a hand up effectively, they push them down and say tough shit buddy … I need “fucked” and you aren’t delivering …. and the hard cycle is made worse.

IMO, this won’t end well for the next generation or two, especially as mother nature inverts the sexual game and desire for men is still rooted to base biology. I sense a lot of sad disconnect coming …

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