The more I travel the more I realize folks that follow this crusade, really and truly need Erotica in their life.

I see the passion and energy like water like I see in a Texas downpour (or SE Asia one too). If the ground is hard and barren from "whatever", the water hits never gets soaked and absorbed and flash flood destroying everything around them.

Their sexuality and intimacy is like a a simple house with wood or metal beams in the ground without concrete.

It hits them, overwhelms, them and destroys them. Instead of realizing what the issue was, they attack the water and storm as the root of all evil.

They then rebuild the house "exactly" like they built it originally and say no more water for anyone.

The sad reality is they need to be pulled from the house, (consensually and respectfully loved sapphically and by a bevy of loving male humanity and ravished until their ground can accept it.

Then their house can be built properly and they can learn to enjoy it.

The problem is instead of attacking people who deliver passion and love, they need to remove the environment that has caused them to build a fragile "glass" house on toothpick support beams and no corner stones.

But they hold onto their beliefs until their dying breath never having had lived ...

Keep on writing Clairie your writing is amazing!

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