The most important thing a person can do is to ask a person not for their affiliation, but if they are going to vote and if they have issues, do you need help.

If a conversation is started, you can talk to how you believe in helping a person, and then you can state this is how my party X helps people out.

52% of Americans don't vote, that means if one goes to a dim-sum restaurant with a 11 people at a table.

6 say whatever, the remaining 5 fight like cats and dogs with a 3-2 split "always".

The electoral college isn't the problem, the problem is that because of the apathy it allows a situation like this to occur where the "2" votes at the table based upon location can win the global vote in a 3-2 situation.

The solution? Get at least one more person to vote and things work.

Great Article Carole! I also agree with a lot of the messaging you have on it.

For shits, grins, and giggles in Indiana. I had a trip overseas I had to go "do" last minute. So it happened within 30 days of an election, and surprise surprise surprise.

I as a white male, registered GOP voter could not vote. Think about that irony ...

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