The most important thing friends and lovers can do with each other is challenge one another to push their limits and be the biggest baddest version of themselves they can be.

Then it is important to step back and let that person live and grow and be. To share and grow with friends and partners in crime.

The most important thing in life is hope and anticipation for it makes dull and boring and trying times go much faster.

Make sure you and your partners in crime always push yourself to the limits as that is when you grow.

Just like the feeling I have seen women talk about as they look down and say OMFG I feel the growth and I don't know if I can take it.

The key thing is ... can a person do that in between the ears of another, and after the experience is done, show the same level of compassion and after care for the soul, and cuddle times for the heart after the experience has taken your breath away. (one inch at a time) .....

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