The one blessing as a guy I have learned with age is to embrace body positivity with my partners. When I could engage in transactional sex, I made the observation that the really “pretty” women I was with were pretty average in bed and hell even sometimes down right boring. Some of my best “times” were with what some guys would call average or normal women.

As I was horribly broken at the time, I was all-in and started to have the repel those notions. In fact at the time, some of my friends even started to notice, because when they came back from the bars all the women I was with were very vocal and I heard whispers from some of buddies girlfriends about what was up with Tegel …. The most awkward moment was when a roommate gave me a picture of his mother who I met who stated dude my mom wants to talk to you ….

Now … e.g. we were binging Star Trek Discovery and one of the women on there is a curvy woman. The spirit and her curves really do her well, and well the fact she is a redhead … :-) [no comment] …

So what matters most is not the physical frame, but the confidence and love a woman has for her body and respect she has with her boundaries.

This is the Queen thing …. if guys would realize that a woman that is intact and confident with herself will provide the most immense fun and energy and awesome times in bed, in the kitchen, on the couch, outside, hell wherever consent can be done ….

So guys … don’t judge by the package because it hurts women in more ways then you realize …. also if you do … it says “a lot” about you and it also says you really don’t love women. You can have preferences. I do, but they should be checked at the door or end of the bed because it is a human being you are being intimate with.

As for women … please don’t doubt yourself. If a partner makes you feel bad, don’t go there … You are beautiful as you are. Now if you need to do exercise make sure it is for your health or if you are going for a particular physical goal that you and only you want.

Otherwise …as what Meaghan wrote …. I can’t say anything better … Women like her, Yael, Demeter, Ena Dahl, Elle Beau etc …. are amazing people … embrace in love and openness … for that is the sexiest thing of all

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