The only time I have executed blocking was due to security issues, spam, or mental issues (i.e. unable to process the hard/harsh pushback).

As a privileged white male, it is my responsibility to look, learn, and listen.

When I have blocked … I have unblocked at a later date, and if I was a “friend”, I pushed the friend request back or contact the person in a timeline or public/private group that I was interested in restarting the friendship.

Most of the time … people are deeply offended and never except back.

I do get blocked and that is ok, as it usually says more about the other person. I have / had issues with communication (stoic walls) so when it came to communicating about hard topics my intent was always came from a good place. The problem is most people can’t see that in a 2D format in a 3D world …

As for women … ya … you have to do this as there are some seriously mentally messed up people out there ….

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