The question for governments comes down to innocent before proven guilty. If we take the same logical rules, there could have been a lot of Americans with the previous president could have been called "incels" or terrorists (think of Kathy Griffin showing a beheaded president).

One possible way to deal with this situation is to mark them as mentally ill, and of need of mental health services.

As for dealing with the issues, one unintended consequence issue with taking an attack posture is that how does one out anger and hate someone who bathes in it daily?

You are absolutely correct it is an issue 110%, but on the flip side Western Culture and society has abandoned a majority of boys and men to the wind and the lack of nurturing and positive role models has led to this situation.

As a point example to my comment previous, look at universities where 60% of the students are female. They can't have affirmative action for men, even when the data is showing flipped roles.

It is a hard one to find, and even harder in today's society because if you look at discussions about masculinity, how many male authors are the ones authoring it? Society would have to work hard and long with the amount of energy used for helping women achieve parity and equality, and conversely one can see right now we can't even erase the systemic racism and sexism in our culture.

I do agree with you, one needs to recognize an issue before a society can start to deal with it, since living in denial is no way to live.

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