The thing that just gobsmacks me is one will "restructure the court", complain about the electoral college, and scream for popular vote.

Instead of doing what should be done.

Expand congress by the 200-300 seats (i.e. setting the congress seat to the smallest of state population), which in turn would increase democratic power.

This would resolve the precision issue with popular vote and electoral college and fix the voting for the executive branch and adjust power.

Then if people deserve change create an amendment which would solidified the term limits of all three branches and total time served in public office.


2 Terms for President (2 x 4 years)

3 Terms for Senate (3 x 6 years)

4 Terms for SCOTUS (4 x 10 years)

5 Terms for Congress (5 x 2 years)

No service in Executive or Legislative branch to exceed 30 years

Create an amendment rule.

I heard about this from "some genius" law students that stated make it 12 SCOTUS members and I kept thinking do you not know it needs to be an odd number?

As a swing voter, this reaction and action by one tribe is disturbing. We don't like something, so we must change the core of it without doing it the correct way (amendments).

The fact that Trump may have 3 SCOTUS picks is due to DNC Hubris of expecting to win and thinking that a large chunk of America was marginalized. Her honor Ginsburg and any other liberal should have retired when the DNC was in power to ensure the balance back in 2010-2012 instead of worrying about ACA.

If they did that and worked to help middle America, we would not have the shit show we have now ... IMPO ...

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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