The usual way around this madness is to load up the "pork" for West Virginians who voted for him. Then if he turns it down it sways it, but given the area that would mean the DNC would lose the seat to the GOP.

This is how the framework makers made this for our country. Votes that win in 50+tie or 51% of the vote are not sustainable laws or rules, as if the power shifts it leads to a tic-toc of laws that blow each other up on each cycle.

There is a positive to be gained by killing the filibuster, but also a negative as if the roles change then the GOP will have no issue undoing the last 2-4 years of laws with newer laws, and then gridlock gets even worse. The laws become Byzantine and businesses and economics falter because no one knows what to do or they will do nothing just stating we will wait for the next election.

I am of the opinion, at this point, all incumbents should be ousted, but that might make me a radical.

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