There are apps and sites which describe a person's loving style. I am an ENFP who has a lot of empathy. I am also a person that has dealt with a lot of toxicity and trauma so I had to learn how to build a stronger man in me to work with my female warrior in me to become who I am.

I need touch to be connected. I enjoy wrapping my intelligence and heart around another person; however, that person has to be receptive because if the attention bounces back on me it cuts through me like two positive magnets.

This is why ENFP's enjoy INTJ/INFJs. They are natural receivers to our intuition and absorb the goodness. ENFPs can also be with other ENFPs as long as they communicate and make sure that the waves coming from them don't look like what the other is sending.

So .... communicate ... be clear, be conscise and be direct for connection is not something easy and very easy to misunderstand.

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