Alan Tegel
2 min readAug 24, 2021


There are three paths for people, if they decide to call out my body my choice:

1. Get Vaccinated, masks are optional

2. Don't Get Vaccinated, masks and testing are required for public spaces

3. Don't Get Vaccinated and forgo masks, means you are not allowed in public spaces.

Three items, pick two, as that is life.

But if a person "chooses" to forgo masks and vaccine, it is the equivalent of no shirt, no shoes, no service. This is plain and simple. They have their freedom and body autonomy (or rugged individualism), but they are not allowed in shared spaces.

The hot toxic mess of generalizing and reducing people based upon political lines has now born a toxic reality in America. We made this mess, and now we can live in it. How long will it take to recede?

IMO, the time of the huge divisive nature of life times two. So if Biden lives and wins a second term and keeps things stable and even kelter and we don't get another "black swan" event, then maybe we all can get along post 2028.

Then at that point folks will get to deal with economic calamities, and other fun things, but maybe we will learn to get a long or at least learn to respect each other on trivial items, and agree on the important ones.

It is very much sad, but there are no bridge builders left, since both tribes all attacked and killed off people that tried to bring folks together. A common phrase I heard over the years was "you always play both sides".

I bit my tongue, because for the non-important things I wanted to say "build a bridge and get over it".

Vaccination with pandemics is an important thing. Folks need to get this or if we can't agree, then the path I suggested should be followed. As one's breaths are bullets ....



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