There are very few reasons for people to go for the intel side of the Mac house. The only reasons are:

Virtual Machine

Multiple External Monitors

Video processing that requires high end GPUs

I sadly hit one and two, but I am working with the mac mini, as the Lenovo TB3 monitors I have rock epically. How? They have TB3 (in and out), DP, and 2 HDMI with 4 USB3 ports. So yes you can have the monitors wired to accept a Asus Chromebook and the Mac at the same time and with the right cables you can have 4K@60Hz ....

I have some specialized needs with virtual machines, so right now I am nursing a work laptop MBP 16", along with an old mac mini 2014.

But if you need an intel and do VM based things my math is this ...

mac mini 2018 w/ external GPU = mbp 2019 16" 5600HBM2 = mac mini m1 (presuming not needing mac clients)

The cost differently is $3K for mac mini 2018 vs $3800-$5K for the mbp 16" vs $1600 for the mac mini ....

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