There has literally come a point personally, that I had to stop reading news and politics and just shut down anything that was toxic to me. I have found myself getting angry and knowing that there was no reason for me to be angry so I knew at this point I did not have the emotional maturity to process the anger properly, so the best thing to do is to walk away and work on it.

The only thing that does suck about this is without news and additional data, that means me like others will spend no more then 1 hour on voting and other political topics.

So for 2020 election, people better be prepared since people will not talk, not listen and will probably live truly in a stereotypical moment.

Why did I start this now? Well for me to be able to vote in 2020, I need to be able to have a handle on my emotions and what not. Because socialism is a hard redline for me much like voting for some on topics of abortion.

I have actively worked on my “stuff” since 2015 (even with therapists), so I can imagine how people who haven’t won’t be able to process this.

I am a liberal republican and a feminist so if I find nearly all of the Democratic candidates with redlines, that means there is a lot of things to process.

The only other option for me is to do what I did in 2019 and just not vote, which maybe a viable option too, I just hope I don’t repeat it for 2020.

Be well and superb article BTW, but as usual the main issue with all the articles on masculinity is that women are leading the charge (not to say it is a bad thing), which means guys are still checked out.

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