There is a saying in the midwest, beware the smiling fools.

My adaptation to this is:

When the loud and assertive go quiet and focused on your submission, beware the intensity that will follow.

Personal Share:

A close female friend of mine said I know we can't play given we are both committed to others, but give me a taste (please).

I stated you are in Seattle right? Find a sex store and at lunch you are to go in and find a vibrating clip. Charge it, and when you leave for your flight, you are to go into a bathroom before you go through security and insert it in.

When you are in line, picture it was us flying to a Hedonistic part in the Carribbean. Pretend the fact that I have teased you but didn't allow you to cum, now picture that vibrator has a remote. Picture I am behind you in the TSA line. Picture me turning it on at random as we slowly shuffled through the line.

Picture me turning it off before you walked in. While it be picked up? What if I have to go into the full body scan and he turns it on (and I will).

Then when you are at the bar having a drink, find an attractive man or woman you want. Ask them to save the seat and go to the bathroom. Turn it on.

Go back and have a drink, when done, turn it off

Then when you are on board, and the plane passes 10K feet with the beep, go to the bathroom and turn it on, and let the battery run out.

Get on the internet and come back and talk to me ...

She pinged me later and stated she raped her husband when she got home ...

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