There is no one size fits all situation. They are an aide and toy to be used in a relationship. If a person is flying solo, it can be helped to provide stimulation as by the "act and hand of god".

That being said, this is where the gender divide gets dropped, and where women masturbating turns into one like men.

Simply put, if a woman (god bless her) can rub a few times, apply it, and explode. Congratulations, you now know how a teenage boy is. At some point the hormone patterns and chemical hits will mimic it, with the only difference being the hormone well for women and men are different.

This is why men can get so lost. They go deep down the rabbit hole and when they hit bottom there is no light to crawl back to.

It is why and how some women will look and say WTF dude. The thing is one is up at the top of the well looking down.

So the fact that you entered into the rabbit hole, danced with the mad cats at the bottom. Drank tea with Alice and the mad hatter and then bounced back up and out, is a powerful experience to know.

How I know this as a man, is like I shared I couldn't come orally or by hand, and I figured out the manual handiwork (haha). It feels different then the prone masturbation or the intercourse which I knew.

So to me the greatest invention today is the vibrator clip, especially in partnered sex. Why? Take the time to enjoy each other, get revved up. If you are with a man, start to engage in some fun intercourse.

But he will need to stop part of the way through, which takes some focus and skill on his part. Then insert it, turn it on and have him start slowly back and then let the games begin "big time".

Sharing is caring, and with the "hands of vibrating gods working their way through the woman to her core, the man benefits too in many ways.

For Women on women, both wear it and scissor -or- use the strapless vibrating dildos or clip with hanress and feel like a man or the same thing in return as a woman.

The thing is .... it should not be the only way to "orgasm" ... but most importantly people should love themselves instead of hating and shaming themselves.

If someone sees the toys, don't feel shame. Say well I am liberated as fuck, are you woman or man enough to ride this ride (and wave your hand up and down simulating your height. That is presuming the person looks like they would be safe and consensual and respectful.

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