There is no such thing as a free lunch.

This fits the here and now.

If a person has a strong belief, that doesn't make them or a good or bad feminist. It is one action on a stream of choice that is made.

The question comes down to consent. If one party consistently is the taker, they will need to realize they may have a variety of not so good things happening.

One their ego maybe over sized, they may be a taker (lack empathy and sympathy), they may have mental issues with trauma that needs to be dealt with (i.e. they shouldn't be dating), they are sexist and biased (i.e. see previous point).

Income imbalance should not take an effect unless one party's expectation is radically different. E.g. Honey I am a Morton's or Ruth Chris kind of a guy and not McDonalds.

Now if income imbalances are there, then the next date's meal could be home cooked, or could be a moderate place (Olive Garden for lunch e.g.).

But if there is an imbalance consent and talking needsd to happen asap ... IMO

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