There is one flaw in your logic train. You are presuming a CIS and heterosexual view. If the redistribution act was in place, a guy may have to learn “to give it up” to another guy also, or say what our current society says is an unattractive woman goes towards a hunk of a man and says … take me and my card please.

You do have good points; however, while the article was extreme, your suggested implementation is just as extreme.

The key question one needs to ask is in the world of severe imbalance of power, wealth, and other aspects, we have found socialism doesn’t work nor does capitalism. So is it possible we need another way of looking at it and why do people work stupid and insane hours …. usually for sexually related reasons.

I don’t think the author’s intent was rape and he assumed consent, but it is a different view on it. His redirection method at the article view was robots (i.e non-human based devices).

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