There is one thing I do believe. Your son will have a proper and full rounded view on the proper sexuality and how to interact with women or men when it is time.

If my parents had your experience to share or the open-minded ness albeit via traditional/conservative views ... I do know my life would have not gone off the rails like it did.

So don't feel bad about your inner core of being, of course feel as stressed as you like, but remember to engage in fantastical fun to counter it.

As a personal share, when I finally had the "talk" ... my father asked any questions?

My smart mouth then asked? "Where did you and mom do it when I was conceived".

My father went from prideful father to fuck did I make this in his face. His statement ... "Well it was in the shower, and to this day we believe the shampoo chemicals deeply effected you ..."

Be well and good luck.

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