There is some good stuff in this article. I look back on my history, and I realized being tied to a chair as a young boy created a manifestation and minor split in my psyche. Being manipulated by an older female babysitter and not knowing what sex and consent was …. really twisted it.

Then seeing power dynamic struggles in my parents life and in the environment (I am very for equality) also tweaked with things mentally.

Then in most relationships I had for a male to desire submission to a woman was considering wrong and weak but yet feeling comfortable being a dominant guy (i.e. a natural switch) really tossed things for a loop.

It wasn’t until I had discussions with my partner in her disinterest in kink, that I realized her brother (in a non sexual way) physically traumatized her and that was the core behind her main turn off. E.g. why would you want something that made me go ow and stop.

Nice article

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