There is something in the air, as I have written a few erotic style poems also. A close friend of mine who is gay and has a severe crush on me as asked to write a story or poem around gay love.

A week ago and before I took a first stab at writing an erotica story that I archived, I could not do this, but I see you write this and I think yeah ... I could write something like this now that I understand that I am pansexual.

It is the joy of releasing the shackles of shame, and what I so love about this story is it makes me want to read and think about the feelings a woman has. To sit back and think ok, I want to watch and learn and sans my pleasure replicate over and over and over and over.

I will *never* forget the time I made love to an ex who cried so hard her mascare ran and I had to get eye drops and soft tissues to wipe them gunk from her face.

That was the moment over those shattered decades that I hold so warmly in my heart that kept me warm on cold dark nights as I wondered why me.

Now yours and others poems and stories are like compressed gas on the love and light I feel in me, so imagine that power knowing that flicker of feminine desire and flame held it's own on a deep dark abyss that sits in men and it never went out.

Amazing and to quote "Deb" ... I feel damn lucky ... Be well!

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