These are great for the health of the nation, but will generate no real appreciable boost for the economy. Health related jobs will uber critical, are net-net neutral on job growth.

Why? They require heavy public investment which require taxes, which in turn means less dollar velocity for generating jobs.

What health jobs and services provide is the ability for people to work effectively and longer over the long-term.

The issue is Americans do not have the productivity to compete for the salaries that are required to live and grow and do.

Why didn't our country have the ability to produce masks? It was too expensive to do. Medical Saline was only done in Puerto Rico for the exact same thing.

Order Ibuprofen from a pharmacy (not OTC), where is it made? Not USA. India.

America has to many public sector and net-net neutral jobs compared to private industry.

Taxes collected in private industry jobs are what creates the fresh revenue and fresh tax dollars to generate the jobs. Taxes collected from public sector is just recirculating private industry taxes.

Don't get me wrong, what you talk to is critical and important. Those jobs are needed and necessary and should be funded and pushed also.

But also understand, if you don't have people drilling and making petro products, making real goods for export out of the country, and making things in the USA.

There will be no economic growth.

Lastly, the country is going to have to deal with the fact there is no real demand left. We have too many Baby Boomers and Silent Generation compared to Gen X/Y/Z. This is what happens when the birth rate has been below 2.1 to 1 since 1973 for all but 2 years.

That means the only way one can fix this is to move retirement out to 70 or 75, since our entitlement programs can't support the Boomers.

Raise Taxes will be the mantra, but preCOVID, it took all of the entitlement taxes and all of the rest of taxes to pay at best or not pay the entitlement bill. That meant our interest and normal operation costs went on the Amex Centurion card of the country for the last 20 years.

Next year we will have generated 25 trillion in debt. The debt's interest impact once we regain some semblance of health will exceed the military budget.

So what will need to be done? Raise taxes, which means people will have less to spend, which in turn means less demand, and that means more economic pain.

The last time we got out of this cycle, required a world war to ration goods and services and focus people into giving up everything including their lives to build a better tomorrow.

How many people will do that?

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