These are times of great loss AND great opportunity.

We are all now gifted infinite time with our partners to talk and hopefully listen.

This is when if the woman is in charge in the household, I would suggest she learn to submit and do what is opposite. Same thing applies in return.

Power play is critical as is sensation play. If all one does is make love and give soft pleasure, then guess what ... it has to be hard and implement "funishment".

I know the life of cortisol. Right now I am powering up to push back the damage from it for 22 plus years of damage, and 5 years of education to get ready to fix it.

It is real.

Everyone in America is also living the life I have lived and done for nearly two decades. I traveled heavily for 15 years and now am hard core home for 5. Folks will say but road warrior how is that the same?

Well there were budget freezes and travel chops, which meant I was stuck at home like folks are now.

So I learned all about this fun!

Count your blessings, there are amazing single people who can't be with anyone else in the touch department.

If none of that "appeals" to you sexually what I suggest, that is ok. Trauma can freeze people.

what I suggest is by a massage chair and dedicate time to massaging each other every day (swap days).

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