This article was good in that I learned a possible technique to dealing with some incompatibility issues. Since I believe deeply in woman’s bodily autonomy, I have always sidelined my sexual urges and feelings on behalf of my partner’s because it was her body her right.

That being said her use of shame, or calling me gay in the heat of the moment sure was an extra kick in the pants (which is also a fun fetish for some … ha)

As a guy it is interesting to see what women think and believe (not saying it isn’t based in experience either) that men will do and won’t do. Period sex was never a problem with me, since I have had to be careful with a few of the woman I have been with (including present) because even without the period blood my happen (consensually obviously). My current partner loves having sex on and around her period. Why? It relieves the discomfort. I also love to cuddle very much, she not so much but when she does I can tell she is relaxed.

So blood and all that never phased me, but I can see how some boys that pretend to be men might be averse to it. It is part of sex and life . For those guys like that (and yes I buy my partner her feminine products) all I can say is grow up.

But the most important thing to realize is to reiterate what you want and don’t want with your partner and then stating ok …. (like the pegging stuff you talked too). Some people prefer to be submissive sexually and want to be chased or desired and that is 100% ok.

When in therapy I broached some of the topics of kink and other aspects, and there was discussions about how some women lose their love or desire for men that show submission. An example of this is below (***)… on my side of the fence one of the possible future tactics I am personally working on is to broach this with her. If certain things are a hard no-go, how do we make sure she is 100% satisfied, and then she will have to have a choice of allowing the agreed upon outsourcing or else well it maybe the end of the road.

I am a natural switch. I can be very very dominant and make a person go deep into that space. Why and how? Because I know what it takes to submit and the joys behind it. I am totally happy to take care and go with either path. On the flip side it is funny because for some BDSM type of stuff (I have a horse farm with over 25 head) we have tools that would make those in those circles get very very happy.


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