This call out is critical, because limiting and controlling and shaming something that brings pleasure to a person is the root of all evil.

Vile, Evil ... two words I love because they truly meet life by swapping the "e"

Isn't it amazing how people get a free pass on anger and we glorify it? Where is people shaming those folks, I mean seriously.

But take a woman who has certain enjoyments, and due to the fact that some biological males are so lazy and weak and cowardly to fight their own fears. The fact that they let the pain make it so their natural "hard" abilities prevent to give a woman what she desires. Hard Passion, Hard Desire, True Intent, Real Authentic and an all-in person to rock their world.

Women and Men can have that male "big dick energy" it is a thing that is of the spirit, not of the present.

So due to the lack of that, she wants to bring something into her life that makes her smile, gets the edge off and makes her soul feel less thirsty and there so as not to harm others.

Then in comes the trolls. I just can't understand how someone could hate someone so much to take joy literally out of the belly of a person, and feel proud of themselves to call themselves human.

Fuck that. They are vile and evil and not-human.

We should be trying to help one another get each other off as much as possible. Especially during times like this were so many people are lonely and alone.

My favorite view are watching the sunrise and set, seeing a rainbow, and watching a womans eyes remain open but then seeing the pupils disappear.

O is my favorite look on a woman's face, and if toys help her .... you betcha if a dude shames, I will toss a verbal punch to his face..

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.