This cycle you feel is what men have to conquer on the path to becoming human and a real and authentic man.

The problem is for men is this explosion happens when you are 8–12, where you have zero experience, training, or preparation for the onslaught. It does pass but it ramps up for at least a decade plus, which is going through the rejection, loss, anger cycles.

Women should always feel safe and in love and if they are thirsty, they should be able to be assertive and go and grab what they want, when they need it.

Why? Because if the partner is heterosexual he knows exactly how you feel. The problem then is how does the guy handle the fact that he might not be able to get it up or have the same level of desire and not have it reflecting on his gender or sexuality.

So I hope you can take moments like this to think about that angle, since you are getting a sad experience that men have. Of course women have them too but in reality the gender has been epically better at handling this (due to the threat of death and other things).

What a shit show our biology setups is …..

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