This exactly. Since it seems lately there have been a lot of guys (thankfully being outed) trying to groom younger women into the sugar baby and GFE maelstrom that makes me want to puke.

When I am lucky enough to have a woman want to want to be in my bed (or hers), and the clothes come off. I want to be able to go down or feel hair between my fingers. This is a woman.

If a woman likes shaving or has a situation where the tufts of hair, here and there would cause an issue? E.g. horseback riding, swimming, etc shave away.

If a man truly desires this as a preference, the thing I will suggest is that the man do the work. Prepare her, love her, and then do the hard work of shaving her. Pamper her and love her, make it an act of intimacy and play.

My thoughts on this are below …

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