This is a great call out of authors and articles on this topic; however, one thing I would recommend is the definition of what "nutric" really means. I had to google it to understand it referred to commensalism.

Positive Symbiosis -or- Symbiotic Masculinity which blends the strengths and positives of masculinity, while helping one another and those folks that surround us.

E.g. if we applied nutric tenets, would male Circumcision pass the test? What about the selective service or the fact boys are treated with gloves off as babies.

Why do men require and need hierarchal systems and why did they evolve over thousands of years? E.g. is it part the biological hormonal explosion or is it something else?

Is this a problem due to urbanization? Is it because both women and men are out of touch with nature? E.g. in more rural agriculture settings, both men and women have to do hard work, so is this drift due to the softening of humanity from the realities of actual life.

But that is what most people truly don't get (especially those looking at masculinity from the outside in. Given male stoicism, they just don't know what is in the man box. Part of that is our fault and of course the most important thing we all need to do is share, enable proper boundaries, and cull the incels, femcells, misandrists and mysoginists from owning the floor of communication in the halls of life.

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