This is a great discussion point especially for men about expectations and choices and desires, and their effect on the partner pool they desire.

If things end with my marriage, the first thing I do is fix the issues I had and make sure I mourn and deal. The next thing is setup what my standards are and then be clear, concise, and direct.

If I need time to go be crazy? Go do it and put a time frame on it with the statement that this is it, but knowing me and knowing I did my crazy when I was young, and since life "is short". I would look for like minded folks to be friends and have fun and learn to know each other. This would of course before intimacy happens.

My view which is a masculine one, is I have put a lot of energy and effort in fixing my issues of the past and trying to be a more authentic male. That has taken considerable energy and effort, and I am not going to waste that on a low value partner.

I also used a stupid rule in relationship, 1/2 the age plus 7 as acceptable ranges as a guide post. The reason for this is there is tremendous asset in having a partner with similar societal and shared experiences as we travel through life.

Why the share? If guys get freed from their current relationships and wonder "WTF" how do I drive in the modern era. This is a view from my cheap seat in life.

You should be come a feminist and learn and try to understand the hellscape women live in if you truly love and desire them. Learn to partner up and be skilled up and be worthy of them, and you will find out pretty fast if they are a high asset person in return.

If they are not, learn you are precious (just like the good women that right here like Vanessa) commodity and thank them and move on and find someone better.

Have good and real standards, but keep expectations at the door and learn to live, love and be human.

Then the real fireworks can begin.

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