This is an area where if we had less of the gender nasties, we could work on this aspect as I have a belief (IMO ...). This skinny versus curvy view comes down to a biological training issue.

I don't think guys have learned to question some of their urges in that when one hyper focuses on the young and the hyper athletic and skinny, it is because of the desire to propagate seed. Some biologists/psychologists (not stating this is moral or ethical mind you) state that when natural selection happens, when a man sees a heavier/curvier woman it triggers the thought that she is already pregnant with another man's seed. So move on.

I think we can all agree it is ok to have sexual preferences, but one has to learn to manage them in a way that it is only part of the dating and mating dance.

I agree with you that media needs to mix it up a helluva a lot better. There needs to be more white men with BIPOC, and more of the jock goes for the curvy and cool girl and not for freaky or "gamification" reasons.

I know both side of the spectrum sadly, and for me getting my body beat to hell with pollen and what not has tapped my reserves in ways that I wish for a Caribbean beach or a nordic ice hotel where pollen go "bye bye".

What I have learned on my hard earned years on this planet is if my marriage ends and I move to the next cycle. All partners with strong feminine powers are welcome. I have found sexual chemistry knows no specific body type, and the most important organ is between the armpits and ears, and not the shape of the body.

It makes me hurt as a man to hear a woman desire authentic masculinity and desire (like you and many others), since you do deserve it and are worthy of it.

I doubt it will make you feel any better, but when I was younger with the six pack and all that. The prettiest were never the best sexually. Those with real women bodies were the ones I still remember to this day, not the Barbies ....

Warm platonic hugs and a fist bump to keep on fighting to you.

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