This is far the worst one. They sit in the plain light of day, attack with perfect shields of I am a minority or a woman therefore it is all you.

I am an ally which means I sit and support and when requested step up.

I made one comment recently that trans-women are women and that CIS Males could learn a lot about women from them

Enter in the warrior of life, telling me my definition was abusive and wrong, I was not to talk like that about women "and" attempted to educate me on feminism (I am a feminist).

I was kind and attempted to have a discussion, she blocked after I countered her with facts from feminism.

I blocked in return.

I have also seen this in political forums where women (specifically new age types and extreme SJW) step the line over from ally to advocate without being elevated by the group they help.

No conversations just a beat down and my favorite damaged trauma filled biological female stated "i see you now" ... great thanks.

I saw you all along and treated you with respect and tried to have a conversation so we could get more of my identity on the side of the light and right and ethically correct. You gaslight me and use shame and blame ... Super.

The others you right about are awesome and correct too. The objectify men and use instead of love and have consent.

That being said, given I have privilege. I work hard every day to educate and be there, but if a woman that states she is all woman and yet she is barely 1/8th graces me with her presence. I smile and thank her for telling me to smile and be happy when she is toxic of the worst kind.

I then let her vent and walk away and if I see a woman that is being effected I will be friend and try to be an ally to her.

Great Article

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