Josephine Hollandbeck This is my personal experience, and this is my real name and not a pen name. I documented here on medium a year after I did my #metoo statement

I spent a lot of time working through the damage from patriarchal systems and toxic masculinity. I used to have stoic walls and never shared (sounds like most men no?) I went into facebook groups and was open and talked, got blocked, got shamed, etc etc, but I never trolled a person.

I did have smart comments and lashed out verbally, but it was growth. In October of last year I checked out of social media because it was too toxic. Then I fixed the rest of me and now I am back.

Since I have white male privilege, I do what I can to help women writers and support women including my partner with her own female-led business (sole prop.) I also openly share what has happened to me and what and how I grew.

In fact, I even changed positions from pro-life to pro-choice and did so publically. So you understand the ramifications, one of my partners aborted my child in her body. I offered everything to raise the child and even was willing to sign papers to support it, but it was her body and her right and I respected it. It hurts to this day, but again. Not my body.

I am a guy that if you met on a street you would not expect to know this since society loves to generalize and stereotype. All I know is when I see biological males say they are real manly men, I chuckle to myself. Look my scars dude, and I don’t shame you or others. My profile says who I am and I am only honest, because that is what a real (HU)man should be.

Be well and thank you for the kind words and response.

Lover of people, Texas Feminist Liberal Democrat, Horse Farm, High Tech Gadget ENFP Guy, and someone who appreciates the struggle of women and wants to help.

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