This is not ok, and I read your words and thoughts and think of them. The question is how does one divorce the two ideologies you talk to (conservatism and the racism).

I am a registered a republican and voted for Warren and all women and POC on the ticket. The issue was there was only 400 votes I believe for her in my county.

Be angry. I am listening, but I am a weIrd one (liberal republican), so I in our society am a freak.

I won't force myself on or near you (consent you know), but I am here.

My food for thought is if the DNC is promoted as a party the opposite of GOP, how does a white man join up (hello guess what this is what you preach (correctly) to what it feels like in your life everyday).

Then we go to the primaries, and what are the options? Well let me share a Cliff Klaven (Cheers) piece of worthless knowledge. Add the two ages of the candidates and subtract it from the current year.

Guess where it places us in our history?

The world wants nothing to do with us anymore. Do you blame them? The real reality is if we don't figure something out, the browning of the American will happen. No issue from me, the problem is our societies economics, will turn into a black out.

Then the worst of men's evils will come out to play and that scares the fuck out of me.

Another great piece, and I uncomfortably respectfully appreciated it.

The hypocrisy is strong in the DNC, and the thing is the corruption is just as bad as the GOP. I am biased, but I grew up in Cleveland where take a look at the city. Corruption was ripe, and the GOP did not run it.

I was visiting my grandmother who was at a Slovenian home on the east side of Cleveland. It was in an old European ghetto. I drive with my father two hours earlier, I would have been shot to death.

I walk in areas I rode a bike with friends with, they look like a setting in an apocalypse future. Police presence? Nope. There was an episode on TV when visiting family for the holidays about how an older woman put cookies and kool aid out so the gangs would make sure she was safe and when the fights happened it didn't happen near her house.

This is fugly on a scale of ugh ... I can't.

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