This is perfect. I have seen so many well intention ed folks, speaking the right language and be syntactically correct, but not grasping one has to sell the point in a language people can here.

There were two women I knew very vocal and very into system racism and educating. Their actions were so horrible, that for every one person they swayed, they created two to hate them and their point, and another to block them.

Trying to warn them that they were being advocates versus allies, to figure out a better way to communicate. Of course let the gas lighting games begin. I realized just like I battled through toxic masculinity, they were good of heart by toxic femininity embraced and didn't realize it.

At some point I learned the harder I tried, the more tone policing I sounded and boom. I said you know what, this isn't working time to heal and deal with things.

Communication is hard, listening is even harder, not personalizing it is divine.

Be well.

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