This is so true. I can honestly say I empathize with you 110%. Combine Cat IV allergies 24x7x365 (didn’t realize moving to Texas would do it to me), and sleep apnea … and hell on earth takes on a new spin.

There are therapies out there …. I took combo’s of drugs like you have and they “sort-of/kind-of” worked …. toss in Hepa filters running 24x7 … and it made life like walking like a zombie.

Then I met the best doctor purely by happenstance …. they put me on Xolair+Singular … and they are gone. Now it was expensive and was not fun to go through but it did work.

As for the other aspect, it is hard to love oneself when the body is rejecting itself, then it turns into deep and dark pain, which means you will never be able to truly love someone. So if you do have someone … it really shows how much they truly love you when they help you survive this truly nasty situation.

I do hope and pray (god/karma/fate) for you that you can find health and happiness, and if not … when you are tossing and turning let me send you a virtual hug when the coughing hurts enough that you want to cry … as I know that bad feeling …

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