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2 min readJan 26, 2021


This is very much correct. This is why I believe there will be a required second dosing of vaccine for the population, and possibly a third. A person's body remembers the infection, but it isn't forever.

So boosters and maintenance will be required for folks and herd immunity will need to probably be in the 80-85% range. I based this off of what we observed on my farm with Strangles the bacteria equivalent of SARS.

Why this guy/gal is nasty is it can survive on copper for 4 hours. In the old days when science was not there, bars had copper tops. Why? Copper is a natural disinfectant, and the fact this virus last this long tells you how nasty it is.

So until it can be proven that people have taken the doses, masks will be required to minimize the spread.

Folks in the early days compared this to the flu. Well we only had a 50-60% vaccination rate and we had 22-100K die per year based upon the scientists selection.

I will never ever forget how SARS 2003 felt. I was like WTF is this? My friends/co-workers were like holy hell we can't believe you were sick for three weeks.

Then it came out. The thing is I self quarantined in a hotel room and had soup and basics delivered. I was actually lucky to be sick in the bay area at the time, because the equivalent of doordash existed in the form of a book you could call.

People's ability to take care of their health and to learn to be mindful of one another is paramount. One can choose to live with no care to themselves or to others, but we are all one ecosystem. Everyone pays eventually.

Remember it is not if you will catch this, but when.

I am a fighter, but I have been blessed with a bit of intelligence. I like to choose my battles and my choice is to get the shot(s) ASAP via my pulmonary doc and I already have epi-pens "and" I know how it feels to deal with drug side effects.

When I see folks act scared, I chuckle because I am like come dance in my shoes and lets see how long you last.



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