This is why I am a firm believer in switching roles and methods 180. If a person literally follows the same path over and over, then a rut is built and the imbalance occurs.

This is really super critical in cis-het relationships. To me it makes sense but I am a natural switch, because I can look at things and say ... I see a "9" right now, ok ... now I see a "6" ... hmmm hey you ... want to put those two numbers together?

If a person (traditionally a woman) needs to be taken and the desiree, They need to understand that desire and lust is not an infinite tank from a man. You have to give some of that male sexual flame back in the language and form of the man.

It doesn't have to be 50/50, but do understand the more you give back naturally the more flame that will be created.

It also bleeds over in personal life too with a shared household. If we draw up a 50s style house traditional view, the partner that feels they have the least power, should be the Commander in Chief. Vice Versa, the person that leads the troops, should learn to submit as a lowly private at home.

With balance and love and consent of course.

The more I walk through life, the more I realize that if men and women desire heart thumping, soul screeching, and lung screaming intimacy in the privacy of their homes.

True Equality needs to be had and full respect for the gender and sexuality and mind and heart is a must. The closer to 50/50 one approaches is like approaching infinity with lust and desire in an exponential curve to ecstasy.

So Over indulging as you state, should occur equally, and if done right happens all the time.

A favorite thing to do is edging for both women and men, because drawing out the soul inch by inch slowly will make time stop.

This is important as life is short, why not make it seem to stop and last as long as possible.

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