This isn't the issue. The cause was due to the ethanol mandate, and the youth and brain-drain in red and rural areas.

Blue and Urban centers now are going to see the effects of DC and urban centers on agriculture states.

Time to pay the reaper.

What is worse. Our higher quality agriculture good we export, and we import lower quality goods in. So Americans get the dregs of agriculture and worse it sits on ships for weeks losing it.

Lastly, rule changes made in California is going to nail the entire state pretty soon. So get ready for this double digit increases in food to continue through the 2020's.

So unless you can get youth interested in working in a field "without 4G and wifi", urban centers will get use to food shortages "and" higher quality goods.

I have a horse farm and we go through 4-5 tons of hay every month and a ton of grain. We see the prices and know them.

People are clueless.

If Biden wins and the DNC wins more, I will be happy for them, but their actions in being bigots and prejudice to others, will get paid back in spades.

I see it and smell it, so I don't expect any sense of balance until 2026-2028.

BTW, between the costs of COVID, the hidden taxes to health insurance that will come from this, and the constant $900 billion shortfall on our budgets.

Interest costs to the debt will exceed the military costs for being the world police.

Next up will be cuts to entitlements, or the nasty balance where COLA stays at 1% while the cost of living goes up 10-15% per year.

Also, businesses will just shutdown. Blue states I believe will follow the arc of Cleveland Ohio. Which means job and company flight and no growth at all.

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